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A 12-year-old girl has detailed the harrowing experience of jumping off a high-speed freefall ride after her seatbelt malfunctioned.

Holly Brown and her friend Ava were the only two riders of the Mega Drop – a ride that markets itself as Australia’s ‘tallest traveling freefall ride’ – at the Kilcoy Show on May 13.

However, A seatbelt malfunction left her sure she would die if she didn’t jump off the ride as it rose into the air.

The pre-teen jumped off as it was six meters off the ground and rising, crashing onto a steel platform below.

Holly had ridden the thrill ride earlier that day, but when she decided to go again she suffered every thrill-seeker’s nightmare, with the safety restraint failing to close.

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The Mega Drop is described as the ‘ultimate ride experience’, dropping the rider from more than 40 meters in the air, reaching speeds of 210km/h.

‘Don’t Look Down!! 45 meters high, weighing 70 tonnes, it’s a Pure Adrenalin Rush,’ the ride describes itself as.

‘You will be doing over 200kms/h in Freefall from the top with a G-force of 5.5g’s!’

Holly told 9News that at first she thought it was a joke but when she realised it wasn’t the magnitude of the situation set in.

‘I was really scared, like really, really scared,’ she said.

The young girl tried to reach the restraint which had swung above her head but couldn’t.

Although unlocked, her friend Ava managed to cling to hers and press it against her chest.

All the while, the attendant frantically tried to grab onto the rising platform as it lifted him off the ground.

Holly said at that moment, she felt she either had to jump and break some bones or would die.

‘So I thought, “Well, I either jump and maybe I break a few bones or I go up and die”,’ she recalled.

‘So I was like, “You know what, breaking bones is better than losing my life”, so I jumped.’

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