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An Arkansas judge has ordered Hunter Biden to appear in court for questioning regarding his finances and other matters as part of a child support lawsuit. Failure to do so will put him in jail, court papers show.

Circuit Judge Holly Meyer on Monday threatened to jail Biden if he doe not appear in court in Batesville, Arkansas next month to be questioned by Clint Lancaster, his daughter’s mother’s lawyer, and also provide his bank statements from 2013

Lunden Roberts, the daughter of the 4-year-old girl accused Biden of ignoring the court’s order to respond to her questions, including providing his bank statements. She also accused him of “living lavishly” and mischaracterizing his income and financial situation. In this regard, he has been ordered to come to court on July 10 where he would face questioning and be asked to present evidence, including his bank statements. According to the court order, failure to abide by the order may lead to him being held in contempt, which could lead to a jail sentence of up to six months. He may also face a fine of up to $20,000 toward Roberts’ legal fees and his case might be thrown out.

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Former exotic dancer Roberts sued Biden in 2019 for paternity and child support for the girl. Even though he initially denied paternity, he took up the responsibility and gave Roberts over $750,000 in support payments to her. Biden has requested that the judge reduces his support payments of $20,000 a month and not grant Robert’s request to change their daughter’s last name to Biden.