Source: Kyle Becker

Lebron James would rather pick on an innocent kid who just defended himself against three criminal attackers than utter a bad word about communist dictator Xi Jinping.

On Monday, Kyle Rittenhouse appeared with Elijah Schaffer, Sydney Watson and Sara Gonzales of BlazeTV for an exclusive interview.

During the course of the interview, Kyle pushed back at Lebron James for attacking him during the middle of a trial when he could not defend himself. It’s worth the listen.

“Fuck you, Lebron,” Rittenhouse said.

“I was a Lakers fan, too, before he said that,” Rittenhouse also told The Blaze’s Elijah Schaeffer. Advertisements

Lebron had taunted Rittenhouse for crying while reliving the confrontation with three criminals who were trying to hunt him down in Kenosha.

This provoked numerous commenters to point out that Lebron James had cried like a [expletive] during many NBA games.

Kyle was diagnosed with PTSD from the traumatic experience of having to shoot the attackers, which the jury found was consistent with his lawyers’ argument of self-defense.

Lebron is just a crybaby.