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Josée Forest-Niesing, a 56-year-old lawyer and Ontario senator, has died shortly after being hospitalized with COVID-19. She was fully vaccinated against COVID-19 but was considered especially vulnerable due to her autoimmune condition that had affected her lungs for the last 15 years. She obtained the two doses of the vaccine as soon as possible but got warned of reduced effectiveness due to her medical condition. Finally, she fell victim to the virus. In her last statement on November 16, she expressed her thanks to the medical personnel and urged Canadians to get vaccinated. Her death is a tragedy, and I would say she died of the conspiracy of dark forces and her ignorance of the truth of COVID-19.

The truth of the vaccine has been well covered by the government, health authorities, mainstream media, the big tech, and big pharmaceutical companies, which results in people’s ignorance of the virus. In the meantime, they have been advocating the effectiveness of vaccines and enforcing vaccine mandates, suppressing the different voices against the vaccine, and prohibiting the antidote to the virus from the infected patients. This is a part of the dark forces’ evil agenda of depopulating, controlling, and enslaving humankind. Inevitably those ignorant are becoming their victims.

Josée Forest-Niesing’s death was attributed to her own vulnerable autoimmune condition by others and herself. Nobody questions the vaccine itself, yet her death is being taken as an example to push more people to get vaccinated ASAP for protecting themselves. We knew from the Whistleblower Movement that the vaccine is a deadly bio-weapon whose danger to humans is more than the virus itself. We also learned that those vaccinated will get their own immune system reduced by around 3% on a daily basis. If Forest-Niesing knew the truth of the vaccine and its antidote, she would have had a better chance to survive the pandemic. The vaccine didn’t protect her but killed her eventually, I deeply believe. To wake up and save more Canadians, we need to try our best to spread out the truth about the vaccine and its antidote. I strongly encourage Canadians to visit Gnews, GTV, and Gettr for true information.


Ontario Senator Josée Forest-Niesing dies at 56 after battling with COVID-19

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