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In a recent development, America First Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has launched a scathing critique against GOP Representative Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the House. Gaetz criticized McCarthy for his perceived failure to deliver tangible results during his tenure as Speaker and voiced his support for removing McCarthy from his position. Gaetz took to Twitter to express his discontent, stating, “We are going to have to seize the initiative and make some changes.”

This controversy stems from McCarthy’s attempt to highlight his accomplishments as Speaker, claiming to have made the House “more productive, more open, and more transparent than at any time in recent history.” Gaetz, however, vehemently disagreed and publicly endorsed the idea of filing a Motion to Vacate against McCarthy. This parliamentary procedure, rooted in American history, allows for the removal of the Speaker of the House. McCarthy had previously strived to exclude it from the House Rules of the 118th Congress but conceded the motion to secure his speakership with less than 218 votes.

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Gaetz’s criticism extended to a list of perceived failures by McCarthy, including the absence of votes on term limits and a balanced budget, the lack of consideration for individual appropriations bills, and the failure to release footage related to January 6th. He also pointed out the absence of subpoenas for Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family.

Gaetz concluded by emphasizing the need for proactive change and garnered support from fellow Twitter users who urged him and his colleagues to initiate a Motion to Vacate against Kevin McCarthy. This situation unfolds amidst growing frustration among GOP voters regarding the House GOP’s response to the Biden administration.

Notably, McCarthy’s inaction regarding the release of January 6th footage and his failure to challenge J6 Committee indictments, despite having the power to do so, have added to the discontent. It remains to be seen whether Gaetz’s call for change will gain momentum and lead to the implementation of a Motion to Vacate against the Speaker of the House.