(CNSNews.com) — A new poll shows that congressional Republicans have a higher job approval rating (45%) than congressional Democrats (35%) among American adults.

Since October 2019, the approval for Republicans has risen six points while the job approval of Democrats has fallen three points. In addition, “disapproval” of congressional Democrats has “climbed five points, from 57% to 62%,” reported Gallup.



“In general, congressional Democrats have historically had slightly higher job approval ratings than congressional Republicans,” said the polling firm.  “The average approval rating since 1999, when Gallup began periodically tracking both, is 41% for the Democrats in Congress and 35% for the Republicans in Congress.”

The survey found that approval for the congressional GOP has also increased among Republicans themselves and GOP-leaning independents. However, approval of congressional Democrats has stayed flat among Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents.

“Republicans’ approval of congressional Republicans has jumped 13 points to 76% since October, but Democrats’ 65% approval of congressional Democrats is virtually unchanged from October,” said Gallup. 

“Just as the public’s assessments of congressional Republicans appear to have benefited from Trump’s impeachment, so too has Trump,” reported the survey firm.  “In January and February, the president’s job approval rating rose to his personal best of 49%; it remains elevated from where it was before his impeachment.”



“Likewise, Trump’s favorability rating, which was 41% in October, reached 48% in January and is currently 46%, including 89% favorable among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents,” said Gallup.

The survey was conducted by telephone, Feb. 17-28, with a random sample of 1,020 adults (18 and older) living in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The margin of error is +/- 4 percentage points.