Gavin McInnes to sue SPLC

Gavin McInnes has vowed to sue the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) into oblivion for labeling the group he founded, the “Proud Boys” as a hate group.

McInnes says the false label has directly affected his life negatively:

In the lawsuit, McInnes blames the SPLC’s “hate group” designation for the Proud Boys for everything from his being kicked off of PayPal, Facebook, and Twitter, to criticism from his own neighbors in a tony [sic] New York suburb. The Daily Beast reports: When McInnes founded the Proud Boys in 2016 as a place for “Western Chauvenism” (that’s tongue in cheek), it was a “safe space,” if you will, for pro-Trump men in a time when it seemed only permissible to be a a social justice warrior or Antifa drone. Despite that, media and the SPLC quickly branded the Proud Boys as alt-right and “hateful.”

It seemed, and this is my opinion now, that media was determined to tie every action of a Proud Boy supporter, even if that action was questionable, to Gavin McInnes himself. The same media which hasn’t tied the actions of Antifa mama’s boys to Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, or any number of vocal socialists or vocal Democrats calling for violent discord.

“Mr. McInnes is essentially an untouchable, unable to retain or be considered for gainful employment in his line of work,” the lawsuit claims.

McInnes is suing the SPLC for defamation and tortious interference with economic advantage. McInnes also wants a court order stopping the SPLC and its employees from referring to him as someone connected to a hate group.

Seems fair. It should be noted Gavin McInnes left the Proud Boys in November of 2018 when it did seem like the Proud Boys were getting into some questionable situations.

This isn’t the first time the SPLC has been sued for mislabeling a group as “hateful.” Read Southern Policy Law Center, which Fact-Checks for Facebook, Just Got Spanked. Let’s just say the SPLC getting sued isn’t giving me a case of the sadz.