Source: JD Rucker

Yesterday, we posted a sourced article about reports that Gavin Newsom acquired Bell’s Palsy or some other ailment after being injected with the Moderna Covid booster shot. Today, he spoke at an event and offered a feeble excuse as to why he has been out of view for two weeks. We’ll explain why it’s feeble in a moment, but first let’s read what he said.

“I signed up to go to Europe and I was ready to go and I had that dinner — a lot of you know this dinner with the family — and the kids literally, they kind of had an intervention and said they couldn’t believe I was going to miss Halloween,” Newsom said at an economic summit in Monterey on Tuesday. “We’ve got a 5-year-old, the oldest is 12, so four young kids, and I’m defending myself, saying, ‘I’ve got to go,’ this and that, and my wife was going to go as well.

“And mom and dad missing Halloween, for them it’s worse than missing Christmas. And I woke up that next morning with something that’s probably familiar to a lot of parents, that knot in your stomach. I had no damn choice: I had to cancel that trip.”

To those who have been paying attention, the reason we know it’s a lie is pretty obvious. Halloween is October 31. He was scheduled to be in Scotland for COP 26 from November 1 through 3. Even if he missed the first day traveling, he could have had his Halloween with his kids and been at the climate change conference to speak on the 2nd or even 3rd. Considering Newsom’s obsession with climate change, the opportunity to hobnob with the biggest names in global warming would have been too much to pass on over a short delay.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that he wasn’t seen in public until nine days AFTER Halloween. Does the Newsom family turn the one-night event into a weeklong extravaganza? None of this adds up.

Bell’s Palsy can be resolved in two weeks. It can also last for months in some and even be permanent, but if Newsom had it his appearance today seems to indicate it’s gone now (in the video there were signs he was having difficulty speaking, though not enough to start screaming about conspiracy theories). If he had a different adverse reaction to the booster, then it seems to have subsided or been hidden.

While I appreciate the possibility that there is something else going on other than booster shot adverse reactions, the Halloween excuse doesn’t cut it. People have been asking where he is for a week now. If he was working from the office all week as his staff claims, why did nobody other than his staff see him in public? Did he sneak in and out, avoiding paparazzies? As a narcissist, this is highly unlikely. Is Sacramento press not interested in the whereabouts of the most powerful man in their state? Again, none of it makes sense.

Whether it was due to adverse reactions to the booster shot or something completely different, we can assume with a near certainty that trick-or-treating with kids isn’t the reason Gavin Newsom was MIA for two weeks.