Source: Joel B. Pollak

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has withdrawn two of his children from a summer basketball camp after one day after it was reported that the camp was not enforcing mask mandates and was allowing children to play sports without wearing masks.

A group of activists who oppose Newsom’s coronavirus restrictions tweeted about the maskless camp on Monday:

Newsom’s two eldest children, ages 11 and 10, attended the camp. In a statement provided to Politico, Newsom’s office said that the governor had missed an email in which the cam specifically told parents it would not be enforcing mask mandates:

“The Newsoms were concerned to see unvaccinated children unmasked indoors at a camp their children began attending yesterday and after seeing this, removed the kids from the camp,” Newsom spokesperson Erin Mellon said in a statement. “The family reviewed communication from the camp and realized that an email was missed saying the camp would not enforce masking guidance. Their kids will no longer be attending this camp.”

Newsom is currently facing a recall election on Sep. 14, with a growing proportion of voters — nearly half, in one poll — saying he should be replaced. The recall effort gained momentum last year after Newsom was photographed eating at an expensive restaurant with a group of lobbyist friends, violating the recommendations he had made for the rest of the state.