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It might seem understandable that someone who’s been so brutally attacked and slandered by the leftist/Globalist political apparatus, yet lived to tell about it, would be expected to step lightly going forward. But that would be a gross underestimation of the courage and resolve of General Michael Flynn. Having seen the enemy close up as it wages an all-out war on everything good and decent in our culture, he recognized the need to expose and confront it and has been relentless in that pursuit.

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His most recent effort is a newly released book, co-authored with Boone Cutler, titled “The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare” (Available at Barnes and Noble).To describe it as a “must read,” for all American Patriots who are concerned with the direction our country has been going in recent years, is a vast understatement.

We have all watched in stunned horror, as one worthwhile institution of our Nation after another is attacked from within, ravaged and corrupted, and despicably transformed into a grotesque perversion of what it was originally intended to be. We have witnessed our horrendously expensive government schools increasingly abandon their original charter as institutions of academic learning, to morph into factories of anti-Christian, anti-American indoctrination. They now crank out intellectually vacant and emotionally destroyed young “adults” who have zero concepts of real history or math, can barely read, yet eagerly spew the mantras of the leftist/Globalist establishment.

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