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In February, a Chinese balloon’s presence over the US ignited concerns, leading to the cancellation of high-level meetings between American and Chinese diplomats. General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, recently stated that the balloon did not gather intelligence, contrary to initial suspicions. He emphasized that the US intelligence community assessed with high confidence that the balloon was not used for intelligence collection or transmission to China.

The Chinese balloon’s appearance in US airspace had initially triggered allegations of espionage by American officials. Secretary of State Antony Blinken had criticized China’s decision to fly the balloon over the US, labeling it as “unacceptable and irresponsible” and subsequently canceling a meeting with the Chinese Foreign Minister.

General Milley, retiring soon, attributed the balloon’s entry into US airspace to unexpected weather conditions. He explained that the balloon’s motor couldn’t counteract the high-altitude winds.

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China consistently maintained that the balloon was a weather balloon for scientific purposes, refuting claims of surveillance. The Chinese Foreign Ministry accused the US of overreacting, damaging bilateral relations and international norms.

Despite this, some US politicians continued to view the balloon as a threat. Senator Lindsey Graham expressed suspicion about China’s intentions, while Democrat Senator Jon Tester and Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi also saw it as a clear threat, emphasizing the need to counter the Chinese Communist Party’s activities.

Senator Ted Cruz criticized President Joe Biden for not taking immediate action to shoot down the balloon. Eventually, the US military did shoot it down after it had crossed US airspace, along with three more balloons that were later revealed to be civilian-launched weather and hobby balloons.


General Milley’s recent statement clarifies that the Chinese balloon that stirred controversy earlier this year did not perform any intelligence gathering or transmission activities. This revelation provides closure to the episode, which had strained US-China relations and prompted concerns among American politicians about national security. It underscores the importance of accurate assessments in international incidents and the need for diplomatic efforts to prevent escalations in such situations.