Posted BY: Teresa | NwoReport

In a recent viral video on social media, a young girl from Michigan has gained attention for her bold actions at a local school board meeting. The video captures the girl confidently addressing the board, cleverly using humor to make her point. She handed out “hurt feelings” reports to the board members, a symbolic move to address their sensitivity to differing viewpoints.

Before her speech, board president Kenneth Pearl attempted to discourage her by advising against distributing the forms. However, the girl’s quick-witted response garnered laughter from the audience and demonstrated her fearlessness in the face of authority.

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During her speech to the Chippewa Valley Schools Board of Education, the girl addressed the board’s previous reactions to comments made by her and other speakers. She introduced the “Hurt Feelings Report,” a satirical tool she found online, which included humorous questions such as asking which ear hurtful words were spoken into and inquiring if tissues were required for tears. The report also comically asked if the hurt feelings had resulted in a “traumatic brain injury.” Moreover, the report humorously suggested remedies for hurt feelings, including requesting a “mommy,” a “blankie,” a “binky,” or a bottle.

The board members remained silent throughout her presentation, seemingly embarrassed by the situation. However, the parents in attendance strongly supported the girl’s actions, highlighting her courage in challenging the board’s reactions. This incident exemplifies an individual’s ability to effect change and draw attention to important issues. Using humor and creativity, the young girl effectively critiqued the board’s behavior and brought their sensitivity to the forefront. This incident may prompt the school board to reflect on their actions and potentially reconsider their responses to differing opinions. Overall, the girl’s actions have showcased her as a remarkable example of civic engagement and activism, demonstrating the impact that one determined individual can have on a larger conversation.