Source: Nick Arama

One often wonders if the BLM actually cares about black lives because their focus is so much on driving everything further left, and they don’t seem to care about the black lives that may be taken in the process of their actions.

For example, they don’t seem to have cared much about former police captain, David Dorn, 77, killed during the rioting in St. Louis, who died trying to protect his friend’s shop. Then, there was little, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner, who was shot and killed in a parking lot ‘autonomous zone’ by BLM ‘protesters.’ The city had previously failed to shut down the area.

Why didn’t their lives matter to the BLM? Because they weren’t shot or killed by police and couldn’t be used as political pawns — not to mention, their lives were taken during BLM riots/actions.

It’s the same reason they don’t care about the dozens of people who are shot in Chicago every weekend in the summer, many of whom are black. Every summer, there are innocent people who are killed in what are largely gang-related shootings. If you care about black lives, one might think you’d want to focus on their areas where most were being taken. When you know that this weekend, like every weekend, there will be people shot and killed in Chicago, why won’t people do anything to stop that? Those lives matter.

Heck, the BLM leadership doesn’t even seem to care much about the black families of the people whose names they use in their efforts, like Tamir Rice and Breonna Taylor. The mothers of both have blasted the leadership in the BLM for misuse of their children’s names.

Then with the defund the police movement the BLM precipitated, that’s led to more shootings and yet again more deaths, having the exact opposite effect of what it claims to be about. One-year-old Davell Gardner’s family wanted people to know his life mattered.

But one of the things the BLM and other folks on the far left find most offensive is if someone says “All lives matter,” something which should be a simple truth, but which they reject as somehow negating black lives. There are few things that will flip them out more that if someone says that.

Now, they’re not going to know what to do with themselves, because George Floyd’s brother has said it too, that “all lives matter,” after the sentencing of Derek Chauvin yesterday in the death of his brother.

Bottom line? If we don’t proceed from that basic concept, if we continue to move toward this division by race that the left is pushing, we’re finished. After this year of division, perhaps we need to hear that unifying message — now more than ever. Good for him for braving the storm and saying it.