Source: CD Media

The defeat of Israel’s longest-serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, demonstrated the rising political influence of both Israeli Arabs (for the first time, a Palestinian party is a member of a government coalition) and the anti-Israel lobby in America.  Since Democrats returned to power, U.S.-Israel relations have rapidly deteriorated.  Trump, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state and the Golan Heights as part of Israel, might have been the most pro-Israeli president in American history.  Most Democrats, by contrast, are known to be critical of ex–prime minister Netanyahu’s policies while the more progressive ones express openly anti-Semitic sentiments.

Despite Biden’s public support for Israel amid the latest clashes between the Israelis and Palestinians, America’s left-wing lawmakers appear to blame Israel, rather than Hamas terrorists, for the violence.  To push the Biden administration to rethink its relationship with Israel, pro-Palestinian American elites have been using proxies.  Many of these proxies get their funding from George Soros.

Over the past several decades, the left-wing billionaire has been attempting to discredit the Jewish state and weaken the pro-Israel lobby’s influence in Washington.  It was revealed in 2016 that Soros’s organization, then known as the Open Society Institute, had begun an ambitious project in 2009 to persuade Europe and the U.S. to “hold Israel accountable” for violations of international law…

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