Far-left billionaire George Soros aims to destroy America and usher in the ‘New World Order.’ A detailed explanation of his devious methods is hidden in plain sight in Soros’ own book.

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According to Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield, open borders policies are about importing poverty to destroy Americans’ sense of identity. Patriotism will be replaced by socialism once that is complete. reports: It’s all in his book – The Crisis of Capitalism. He wants a world without borders with the UN in charge. For that to happen, America must go.

That is what team Biden is doing.

They create victims and only the democrats can protect them. That is in The Communist Manifesto. The freedom lovers — independent thinkers — people who love this country — are always painted as the oppressors who must be punished.

Criminals aren’t the bad guys — they too are victims. It’s all part of George Soros’s plan.

It is why we see vaxxed and unvaxxed are segregated.

As Stinchfield said, these leaders aren’t clowns, they are villains splitting the country up for their own evil designs.