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The Wall Street Journal has published a rare op-ed from billionaire George Soros, a man many consider to be the most dangerous man in America. In his op-ed, the radical open-borders, anti-cop, anti-law-and-order investor, who has donated a large portion of his incredible fortune to far-left, anti-American groups, warns the US about China’s dictator Xi Jinping and the threat he poses to “open society” nations, like the United States of America.

George Soros tweeted: “I consider Xi Jinping the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world.”

I consider Xi Jinping the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world.

— George Soros (@georgesoros) August 16, 2021

Soros warns, “Relations between China and the U.S. are rapidly deteriorating and may lead to war. Mr. Xi has made clear that he intends to take possession of Taiwan within the next decade, and he is increasing China’s military capacity accordingly.”

In his op-ed, Soros, who has no regrets about helping the Nazis steal possessions from fellow Jews during the Holocaust, warns of a permanent “totalitarian” society if China’s Xi Jinping is allowed to succeed with his plans to “break the established system of succession to remain president for life,” in 2022. The radical billionaire who has successfully infiltrated almost every aspect of our government and judicial system explains, “He feels that he needs at least another decade to concentrate the power of the one-party state and its military in his own hands. He knows that his plan has many enemies, and he wants to make sure they won’t have the ability to resist him.”

Soros warns of the growing conflict between the US and China without ever once mentioning the name of the incompetent occupant of the Oval Office: “At the heart of this conflict is the reality that the two nations represent systems of governance that are diametrically opposed. The U.S. stands for a democratic, open society in which the role of the government is to protect the freedom of the individual. Mr. Xi believes Mao Zedong invented a superior form of organization, which he is carrying on: a totalitarian closed society in which the individual is subordinated to the one-party state. It is superior, in this view, because it is more disciplined, stronger, and therefore bound to prevail in a contest.”

Finally, Soros bemoans the “confusion” and “current turmoil in the financial markets,” remarking that it’s caught “many people unaware, and has left them “confused,” adding, “The confusion has compounded the turmoil.” In his op-ed, Soros completely ignores the man-made CCP virus that threw our nation into chaos and gave Democrats the ability to pass wreckless bills filled with pet projects that had nothing to do with the pandemic yet have added trillions of dollars to our nation’s already unsustainable debt.

It’s interesting that George Soros is openly warning about China, given his “media partnership” with several Chinese Communist Party-controlled media outlets, including Project Syndicate, a media company funded by billionaires George Soros and Bill Gates, as well as Google and the United Nations in 1995.  Such outlets unsurprisingly praise every aspect of the authoritarian CCP regime in China and deny the proven slave labor camps that imprison millions of Uighur Muslims.

On May 6, we reported about the curious connection to George Soros and Project Syndicate:

Among the state-controlled media outlets Project Syndicate partners with are China Global Television Network (CGTN), China Daily, and Global Times.

Together, these sites have published nearly 2,000 articles from the outlet, including content praising the Chinese Communist Party and attacking the U.S. and populism. What’s more, the Chinese state-run media outlets appear to exploit Project Syndicate content for legitimacy, often burying the fact that the content was obtained through Project Syndicate at the bottom of articles.

Project Syndicate’s website reveals several foundations fund the operation, including George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Google Digital News Initiative, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

In November 2016, 100 Percent Fed Up published an article revealing the names of 187 organizations funded by George Soros that are being used to destroy America.

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Some of the names of the organizations on this list are shocking. Abortion groups, open borders and immigrant groups,  groups to help change the way we vote, groups for universal health care, and climate change. Many of the groups are given names that include the word “Catholics,” which, of course, is a great way to dupe Catholics into donating.  Soros actually has a group whose stated goal is to take money from rich Jews and give it to those with less. They’re all in the article (below):

Why is George Soros criticizing China while Joe Biden is in office? Where was the radical billionaire’s warning about China while Trump was President of the United States? Could it be that Soros fears the weak Biden regime? Is Soros worried about the possibility of Joe being compromised by the communist leader over his crack-addicted son’s dirty dealings with the communist nation? It’s hard to know what’s behind the radical billionaire’s op-ed. One thing we do know is that the radical, far-left George Soros is likely only looking out for George Soros.