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The Georgia Court of Appeals issued an order remanding the Fulton County counterfeit ballot case back to the Superior Court. The ruling gives citizens, taxpayers, and residents standing to sue government officials or agencies who violate Georgia law.

The far-left Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on this development today.

The Georgia Court of Appeals on Thursday revived a lawsuit by election skeptics who want to search for fraudulent ballots from the 2020 presidential race two and a half years after it was decided.

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The appellate court sent the case back to a judge to decide whether to allow an outside review of Fulton County’s 147,000 original absentee ballots…

…The lead plaintiff in the case, Garland Favorito of the group VoterGA, said he hopes to finally be able to find suspicious-looking ballots — with perfectly filled-in ovals and a lack of fold marks — that Republican vote counters said they saw during a statewide audit.

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