Source: Nworeport

The Georgia Record met with investigators from True The Vote in July of this year to discuss cell phone data they had accumulated which showed over 200 Democrat operatives going from ballot box to ballot box on the night of Nov 3rd, 2020. The data allegedly shows massive election fraud as ballot harvestors allegedly deposited tens of thousands of ‘mail in’ ballots at drop boxes around Atlanta.

The Georgia Record held the story at the investigator’s request.

Since the story is now released, we now will tell what we know.

The New York Times broke a story last year showing how cell phone pings could plot a person’s location to the minute over an approximate four year period.

True the Vote reportedly acquired trillions of cell phone pings in the Atlanta area during the 2020 U.S. general election. From this data, they were able to discern a pattern of over 200 operatives going in large circles to multple drop boxes all night long.

That’s all we will reveal publicly at this time.