Source: Guest post by Collin McMahon

Tens of thousands of protestors gathered in Berlin today outside the U.S. Embassy to protest the COVID lockdown and demand civil rights and call for a restoration of national sovereignty, liberty and democracy.

At least 20,000 people defied a threatened government ban and COVID restrictions today to gather at Berlin’s Brandenburg gate. Despite attempts by state-run and mainstream media to demonize the protestors as dangerous, violent extremists, the demonstration was peaceful, crossed party lines from left to right, and even featured a piano rendition of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Leftist Berlin Interior Senator Andreas Geisel, a former member of the murderous East German Communist Party, had tried to ban the joyful exercise in civil rights for alleged reckless endangerment and anticipated violations of COVID rules, but was overturned in court. “We would have liked to ban the rally, but after checking the Constitution, we found it applies to assholes too”, Geisel said, seemingly not aware of the irony coming from a former Communist apparatchik.

Embarrassingly, German state pubweb ZDF had an article pre-written condemning the pro-liberty demonstration as “surprisingly violent” but mistakenly published the fake article on Friday, one day too early. The goof-up was shadow-edited to change the date when a reader pointed it out.

After two hours, leftist-controlled Berlin police determined protesters were not following mask rules and moved to disband the rally, even though masks had not been required originally. Thousands of protestors continued to linger in Berlin’s sprawling Tiergarten anyway, site of the legendary Love Parade techno raves from the 1990s. The national anthem was sung together as people continued to mill about in a non-violent fashion.

The “Querdenken” (Out-of-the-Box Thinking) rallies have attracted protesters from the left and right all across Germany, despite being routinely smeared as “far-right extremists”. The original COVID protests in Berlin were actually originated by Leftist freedom advocates and have always crossed the political spectrum.

Surprisingly, they have attracted a large and joyful “QAnon” following in Germany, who admire President Trump, Robert Kennedy Jr. and lobby for a Peace Treaty with the USA and Russia to restore German sovereignty, believing there was never such a Peace Treaty after WW II. Kennedy was in Berlin to unveil the Children’s Health Defense European Chapter and spoke at the rally,  as Gateway Pundit reported.

Demonstrators waved US and German flags outside the US Embassy in Berlin to voice their support for President Donald Trump and urge a Peace Treaty with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, supporting an alliance of all patriotic governments around the world, from Washington to Berlin and Moscow. Protest organizer Michael Ballhaus had invited Donald Trump to attend the rally.

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