Source: David McLoone

Nicolaus Fest wants to consider ‘discussing the [lack of] efficacy of these vaccines and about liability issues for the management of the vaccine manufacturers.’

BRUSSELS (LifeSiteNews) — A German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) has demanded an investigation into deaths related to the abortion-tainted COVID-19 shots. He asked that manufacturers be held liable for damages arising from their jabs in a penetrating speech to parliament Monday.

German MEP Nicolaus Fest, a member of the conservative AfD party, addressed the gathered parliamentarians by accusing European governments of lying about their intentions with the widespread inoculation programs against the novel coronavirus.

Whereas leaders had first stated “they only wanted to vaccinate the vulnerable groups,” which he said covers — for the most part — people aged 60 and over, “now they say, no, you have to start at the age of 18.”

“So now we want to vaccinate the entire world,” Fest lamented. “Naturally one wonders why because up until now the reasons have all been either wrong or misleading.”

The politician said leaders had lied about the level of “vaccine” coverage required before considering the population to have reached herd immunity, first claiming that 70 percent uptake in “vaccination” would suffice to reach the threshold. “Now they say we need 100 percent,” Fest stated.

“The peak of this absurdity is that the unvaccinated are a danger to the vaccinated,” he added, calling into question the justification for the jab rollout based on acting “out of solidarity with vulnerable groups.”

Fest referenced the mounting studies which indicate that the double jabbed carry “a particularly high viral load,” arguing that, contrary to governmental advice suggesting only those who have received the jab should be in close contact with the most vulnerable, for such groups “it is obviously safest if they are visited by unvaccinated people.”

Indeed, Dr. Paul Elias Alexander, Ph.D., a former professor at McMaster University in evidence-based medicine and former COVID pandemic advisor in Washington, D.C., has warned that the current crop of experimental COVID injections opens the risk of carrying increased viral loads, leading him to state that “the vaccinated must not be overlooked as a key source of infection.”

Fest highlighted the occurrence of “vaccine breakthroughs” — those who have contracted the virus following a full regimen of immunization — as further evidence of the failure of the jabs.

Regarding the push for booster shots, Fest said “the newest rationale to be heard here now is, since the first two vaccinations have thus totally failed, we should urgently be vaccinated a third time, with a vaccine that will probably fail just like the last two vaccines did the first time around.”