Source: Free West Media

In 2018, the President of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, rejected hand x-rays to determine the age of migrants, because this “interfered with personal rights”. But forcing your own population to take an experimental injection is no problem for Germany’s top vaccine Fuehrer.

The introduction of compulsory vaccination looms large in Germany. A few days ago, Saxon nurses demonstrated against compulsory vaccination. But the gnomish Montgomery quickly denounced the courageous nurses.

As a reminder: In 2018, the very same Montgomery refused to have illegal migrant hands x-rayed to determine the age of the asylum seekers who had rejected a confirmation of their real age because this would “interfere” with their personal rights to bodily integrity. His claim has cost German taxpayers millions since “minors” receive larger pay-outs than older asylum applicants.

Montgomery sold the jabs on the ‘success story of Portugal’

The current chairman of the World Medical Association and former President of the German Medical Association is a regular face on German television. He recently complained about the “tyranny of the unvaccinated” as German weekly Spiegel boldly accused the unvaccinated of “killing old people” in care facilities.

“At the moment we are really experiencing a tyranny of the unvaccinated, who rules over two-thirds of the vaccinated and impose all these measures on us,” declared Montgomery, also president of the Standing Committee of European Doctors since 2019.

“I consciously use the term ‘tyranny’ because, in countries where 97 percent are vaccinated, like Portugal, all these restrictive measures no longer exist because they are no longer needed.”

Sadly, the example of Portugal as a militarized vaccine paradise, has since imploded. The country has returned to a “state of calamity”, with its public health system all but destroyed: It is no longer even capable of counting the number of HIV/Aids infections.

Do X-rays pose a health risk?

In January 2018, Frank Ulrich Montgomery spoke out against age tests on migrants in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, explaining why it would never be tolerated. “That’s why we reject that,” because subjecting illegals to X-rays without an underlying medical condition would be “an interference in one’s physical integrity,” said Montgomery.

It makes sense to take the concerns of the President of the World Medical Association seriously and to take a closer look. The radiation exposure in the X-ray of the hand is about 0.1 microsievert (0.1 µSv).

For an understandable comparison, it should be noted that every German is constantly hit by cosmic rays. In addition, there is natural radioactivity from the ground. This is between one and five millisieverts (1-5 MSV) per year. The average is a load of 2.4 millisieverts each year. That is 24 000 times the stress per year compared to an X-ray of the hand. In order to get the value of the natural radiation exposure for only one year, 24 000 x-rays of the hand would be necessary. Only one x-ray was proposed.

Following the American vaccine club hubris

Germany’s top vaccine salesman has now taken an indefensible ethical position and shredded the last pretense of his moral standing. And Montgomery has thus entered the “toxic Covid loop” as one pundit in The Wall Street Journal described the rising dilemma for vaccine advocates since the virus “doesn’t follow executive orders, but the Biden administration hasn’t worked this out”.

Kimberley Strassel pointed out that “the degree to which this strategy is failing is evident in the polls”. Biden’s approval rating has fallen more than 20 points since he was sworn into office, according to the RealClearPolitics average, but the past two months have been particularly bad.

“The White House has created for itself a toxic Covid loop. With each new surge, it rolls out more restrictions and actions. With each failure of these measures to beat the virus, the public loses faith.” Despite constant fear-mongering, it is obvious that their products do not work as advertised.

The hubris with which vaccine advocates push forward has reached astonishing levels. Biden’s Chief of staff Ron Klain this week tweeted that “Stronger Covid measures produce stronger economic outcomes”. This is demonstrably false, based on the economic outcomes in Florida where lockdowns and farcical Covid measures are no longer in force.

Julian Reichelt, the ex-editor-in-chief of German tabloid Bild on Twitter described the upcoming compulsory vaccination as the greatest “political breach of trust in the history of the Federal Republic”.