Posted BY: Sam J.

Not only has Kathy Griffin hacked her dead mother’s account after losing her main when she impersonated Elon Musk yesterday, but she is now trying to pretend she’s impersonating him on her dead mother’s account.

Notice she hasn’t been suspended … because she’s not a verified account.

There’s no way anyone will mistake this insanity for Elon. Too bad she’s not bright enough to figure it out.

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Someone close to Kathy and who loves her REALLY should intervene at this point.

This sort of behavior is not normal. Oh, we get it, this broad held up the fake bloodied head of the president and then pretended she was the victim when everyone got pissed at her but still.

She so badly wants to matter.

That’s the saddest part of this whole thing. Sure, we can point and laugh (we have been), but ultimately what her behavior shows is she desperately needs the attention Twitter provides her.

If she really understood what ‘power to the people meant she’d know one-party-rule is the opposite of that.