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Look at the size and quantity of those hail bombs that hit Lydenburg, South Africa and covered the streets of Puebla, Mexico, yesterday!

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued a warning for severe thunderstorms with strong, damaging winds and hail in places along the escarpment and Lowveld areas of Mpumalanga and Limpopo regarding this afternoon and early evening.

A massive hailstorm across Lydenburg, including the Badfontein Road, Dullstroom Road (R36), and the Burgersfort Road (R37), resulted in severe property and vehicle damage early this afternoon (Sunday, November 14).

Home windows and skylights were shattered.

Heavy damage indeed!

These are just a few photos that have been shared on emergency WhatsApp groups and Facebook pages – Lydenburg What’s Happening.

Lydenburg hail storm damage
Willie Everson
Lydenburg hail storm damage
Lorinda Kapp
Lydenburg hail storm damage
Dieter Joubert
Lydenburg hail storm damage
Linelle Venter-Watermeyer

Hailstorm in Puebla, Mexico

A strong hailstorm covered the streets of Puebla, Mexico in a thick layer of hail on Sunday night. After melting, streets turned into rivers.

Fortunately, there are so far no victims. Weather authorities have announced that the rains and strong thunderstorms will continue over the next days.

In addition to asking for precautions when driving, Puebla officials announced that the cold temperatures will continue.

Along with Puebla, the north of the state of Tlaxcala was swept by bad weather on Sunday. [LowVelder, Heraldo de Mexico]

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