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Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, has strongly criticized Sleepy Joe Biden’s recent visit to Maui, characterizing it as “beyond just being heartless.” Gingrich expressed his concerns about Biden’s behavior during the visit, labeling it as “just plain frightening.” He raised questions about the president’s ability to connect with reality, accusing him of fabricating stories and lacking an understanding of the gravity of the disaster that had occurred. Furthermore, he criticized Biden’s lack of empathy for the victims and his inability to remain awake during crucial moments.

During the visit, Biden made light of the devastating blaze, comparing it to a minor kitchen fire from his past. Gingrich expressed his embarrassment as an American citizen, particularly given the tragic loss of life akin to the Pompeii disaster in Italy. He highlighted the emotional toll on firefighters who were struggling with the psychological burden of encountering scenes of immense loss, including children and families desperately seeking safety.

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Gingrich stressed that the issue transcends politics and should be recognized as a national crisis. He pointed out his concern about the decision-making process in the White House and speculated about the influence of former President Barack Obama. He questioned the functionality of the administration during a genuine crisis and doubted Biden’s ability to make important decisions, suggesting that most matters would be delegated.

The former Speaker expressed worry about Biden’s role as commander-in-chief of the powerful U.S. military. He believed that world leaders were observing Biden’s perceived decline and that the United States might be seen as vulnerable. Gingrich concluded by asserting that Biden’s behavior might deem him more of a “sleeper-in-chief” than a true commander-in-chief. In essence, Gingrich’s critique revolved around Biden’s lack of empathy, questionable decision-making, and potential implications for the nation’s security on the global stage.