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Glenn Beck documented in detail the abject lawlessness of the Biden Crime Family in a live-streaming video special in which Mark Levin explained what Congress and local prosecutors can do to bring them to justice.

Beck meticulously reported the monumental evidence of corruption at the highest levels of government in a special episode titled “The Reckoning: Biden Crime Family” on Thursday evening on BlazeTV.

Starting with the recent revelations in the Durham report, Beck sifted through the mounds of previous facts to weave together exactly how the members of the Biden family have manipulated the media and abused their political power to enrich themselves.

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He charged that the media is trying to use sleight of hand in order to push focus off of President Joe Biden and onto his son, Hunter Biden, instead.

“Democrats, and the media, want you to zoom in to this entire picture by focusing on Hunter’s potential tax and gun violations,” Beck said. “They want it very clear that Joe Biden wasn’t involved.”

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