Source:  Mike LaChance

Back in 2016, conservative talk host Glenn Beck was anti-Trump.

He even contributed to an issue of National Review devoted to conservatives who opposed Trump.

He is singing a different tune now.

From The Blaze:

Glenn Beck issues heartfelt apology to President Trump: ‘He proved me wrong at almost every turn’

TheBlaze founder and 2020 Radio Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Beck issued a public apology to President Donald Trump for doubting him in 2016.

Beck made the remarks amid the press surrounding the 2020 Republican National Convention.

What are the details?

In a series of tweets, the talk-show host wrote, “I am feeling so humbled this week. I feel truly horrible for the things I said and believed in 2016 about @realDonaldTrump. I believed the worst politically, which he proved me wrong at almost every turn. In the most dramatic cases (life/Israel/China/authoritarian).”

Beck pointed out that the president deserves to be praised for his handling of the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic…

“I expected @realDonaldTrump to take control federally at the first opportunity. Here we are in a massive crisis. Bush ‘violated the free market to save the free market.’ Trump could have violated federalism to ‘save federalism’ yet he has stood firm through COVID.”