Source: Mac Slavo

Australia has fallen into what is known as a “per capita recession.”  That means the country is relying solely on population growth to propel its economy.  All this is happening as Nigeria follows the same path to becoming Venezuela.

The dollar dropped sharply to a two-month low of $0.70 by midday as economists slashed their predictions for official interest rates to reach a record low of 1 percent by September, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. The per capita recession is raising questions about the government’s management of the economy ahead of the federal elections.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has repeatedly said economic growth will be weaker under Labor, but the final two results of this term of government show the Coalition will lead Australia back to the polls struggling to lift a slowing economy.  Many economic experts believe that this next global recession will allow the public to open their eyes about the reality of government and central banks: that they work together to enslave the masses while lining politicians’ pockets with money stolen from the slaves (general population.)

On top of this potential nightmare scenario is the fact that governments around the world comprising the largest economies have nearly all become debtor nations that are one economic calamity away from global collapse.

As noted by Robert Gore at The Burning Platform blog, France’s Yellow Vest protesters may have inadvertently hit upon a way to bring about the collapse of the fiat money and debt system that is sustaining the very governments which increasingly suppress the people they are supposed to serve. -JD Heyes, Natural News

As we march toward the ultimate collapse, Nigeria is likely about to be tossed into a similar economic situation as Venezuela. Nigeria’s GDP has been in a sharp decline for the best part of four years, and in just the past year, it has again fallen behind South Africa as the continent’s largest economy. During his campaign, Nigeria’s newly re-elected president, Muhammadu Buhari has glorified poverty and vilified success. According to the Telegraph UKNigeria is estimated to have lost about a tenth of its wealthier citizens to emigration in recent years. Its brightest and best have been voting with the feet in ruinous numbers, and those include doctors, nurses, engineers, accountants, entrepreneurs, lawyers and so on. Success and wealth are routinely demonized by the Buhari regime.

This is all too familiar to Nicolas Maduro’s plans for socialism in Venezuela.  Complete government control will always end in failure as people realize their lives are being controlled and they are being enslaved by the very people they voted to do just that. Humans are not meant to be controlled, and with the next global economic depression on the horizon, hopefully, more will figure this all out before it’s too late.