Don’t dare suggest it’s evidence of global cooling.

Posted BY: Paul Joseph Watson

A ‘bomb cyclone’ winter storm is gripping the United States, with temperatures in some areas of the country set to drop to the point where they’re a little warmer than those on Mars.

Thousands of flights have been canceled and major highways closed thanks to chilling winds and heavy snow caused by a massive cold front sweeping down from the Arctic.

Cold air mass colliding with warm air is set to produce a “bomb cyclone” mega storm that is set to cause chaos at one of the busiest travel times of the year.

“Forecasters in Montana said they were expecting their coldest night of the Arctic snap on Thursday, with temperatures down as low as -40 Fahrenheit and windchill taking the temperature to -60 Fahrenheit – only a little warmer than Mars, according to NASA data,” the Telegraph reports.

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Social media users have begun posting videos showing themselves throwing boiler water into the air, which instantly freezes.

It’s so cold that meteorologists are warning that venturing outside in some areas for just a few minutes could cause frostbite.

Even President Joe Biden cautioned, “This is not like a snow day when you were a kid. This is serious stuff.”

More than 22,000 flights have been delayed while a further 5,500 have been cancelled completely due to the “once in a generation” storm.

Forecasters are saying that this will be America’s coldest Christmas in four decades as the Arctic air continues to circulate over the weekend.

Given that hot temperatures in summer are routinely cited by global warming alarmists as proof of man-made climate change, why can’t the same argument be made the other way around?

As we previously highlighted, when the UK supposedly recorded its “hottest day ever” earlier this year, the temperatures were recorded on the tarmac at major airports like Heathrow.

Climate change alarmists want to have their cake and eat it by constantly claiming weather isn’t indicative of long term climate change, but then when it’s hot in summer, that suddenly no longer applies and weather is indicative of climate.

It’s okay when they do it!