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French President Emmanuel Macron faced a hostile reception at the opening of the Rugby World Cup, where the crowd loudly booed and jeered during his address. This reception indicated the growing discontent with Macron’s leadership, which has seen his popularity decline significantly.

The discontent was evident when Macron walked onto the pitch at the Stade de France in Paris. The boos and whistles intensified as he began his speech, making it barely audible. Even in special fan zones set up in Paris and Marseille, where he appeared on TV screens, there was a similar adverse reaction.

One of the key factors contributing to Macron’s dwindling popularity has been the implementation of highly unpopular pension reforms. These reforms aimed to gradually increase the retirement age to 67 and sparked widespread protests earlier. Macron’s decision to use a controversial Article of the French Constitution to enact the reforms, bypassing the parliament, intensified the opposition and called for his resignation.

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Members of the National Assembly, representing both left-wing and right-wing parties, expressed their views on the crowd’s reaction. Left-wing member Manuel Bompard noted that “King Macron” had been booed by the French people and suggested that this discontent would persist. Bastien Lachaud, an MP from the leftist La France Insoumise party, emphasized that people had not forgotten the insults and the pension reform, implying that Macron had received the reception he deserved. Stephanie Galzy, from the right-wing National Rally, saw the booing as a symbolic act.

The opening ceremony preceded a rugby match between France and New Zealand, which the French team won 27-13. Despite the victory, the president’s supporters criticized the fans for their reaction. Mathie Lefevre, an MP from Macron’s ruling Renaissance party, argued that “to boo the president of the republic is to boo France.”

In conclusion, Macron’s hostile reception at the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony reflects the deep-seated dissatisfaction among the French population, particularly regarding his handling of pension reforms. This incident is a significant indicator of Macron’s challenges in regaining public trust and support.