Globalists setting stage for WWIII How will the pro-Ukrainian establishment respond?

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

Following an estimated 80 missile strikes launched into Ukraine by Russia on Monday, globalist mouthpieces and Deep State operatives came out in unison to call for additional military support for Ukrainian President Zelensky’s army.

The Russian assault was a response to the weekend’s bombing of the Crimean Bridge by Ukraine, which killed three Russian civilians.

CIA propagandist and congressional foreign policy advisor Paul Massaro wrote, “Ukraine needs air defense. What is the holdup?”

The relentless warmonger added, “Give Ukraine everything,” as the global economy plunges further into a dangerous post-Covid recession.

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Deep State stooge Alexander Vindman, infamous for his anti-Trump impeachment testimony, responded to Massaro, writing, “There is plenty of capability the West can provide Ukraine to end Russia’s air terror campaign. Lots of ways to intercept Russian cruise missiles, even more to intercept slow moving suicide drones. This is a peek into the coming winter. Why isn’t air defense coming now?”

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