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A company-promoted pride month event reportedly appeared to break Google policy and violate EEOC rules by marginalizing Christian employees.

Christian employees at Google are expressing concern that the company included an anti-Christian performer in its lineup of company-promoted pride month events and frustration with Google’s long failure to officially respond to complaints.

Promoted by a vice president in a company email, the event was listed on a company event calendar until after a media inquiry on Wednesday, June 21. Christian Googlers are troubled that their employer would promote a performance that features openly anti-Christian themes.

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The event, scheduled for June 27, is hosted by a drag performer who goes by the stage name Peaches Christ. As the name indicates, the performer openly mocks Christians. The event will be held at Beaux SF, a San Francisco lounge that regularly features strippers.

Named a “saint” by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Peaches’ past events include emceeing this year’s annual “Hunky Jesus” contest, hosted by the Sisters on Easter Sunday — the holiest day in the Christian calendar. In addition, for over a decade, Peaches hosted a “Midnight Mass” event, playing off an obvious reference to solemn worship services.

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