Participants of the Internet conference

Source: James Barrett

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released a video interview of a Google senior software engineeer coming forward to sound the alarm over the impact of political bias at the search engine giant. Within a few hours, Google placed the engineer on administrative leave.

“Greg Coppola, the senior Google engineer who spoke to Project Veritas in an on-the-record interview about alleged bias in Google News and Google Search, has been placed on administrative leave,” Project Veritas reported Thursday in an update on the Coppola interview. In response to the apparent retaliatory action, Coppola has created a GoFundMe account with the goal of raising $16,000 in the expectation that he “will probably be fired” for “expressing concern that big tech is taking sides in elections.”

As The Daily Wire reported Wednesday, Coppola, a senior software engineer in the Google Assistant division, agreed to go on the record with conservative organization Project Veritas to warn against the political bias he says is built into Google’s algorithms. In a statement to The Daily Wire, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe described the moment as more evidence that “the dam has broken” on the issue of Big Tech bias.

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