Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport

Tensions within the Republican Party have escalated as Congressman Matt Gaetz publicly challenged House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, accusing him of failing to fulfill campaign promises that secured his position as House Speaker. In a closed-door meeting, McCarthy reportedly lost his temper in response to growing discontent and threats to his leadership.

During the meeting, McCarthy’s frustration boiled over as he snapped at fellow Republicans, urging them to “file the f*cking motion” if they wanted to remove him. He later admitted his frustration but did not address the underlying issues causing division within the party.

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Gaetz responded to McCarthy’s outburst, criticizing him for failing to keep promises related to balanced budgets, term limits, and single-subject spending bills. Gaetz questioned McCarthy’s leadership, emphasizing that he believed in “nothing except money and power.”

Gaetz also took issue with McCarthy’s failure to uphold promises that secured him the Speaker’s chair, including not holding a vote on term limits and not releasing the full January 6 tapes. He even mentioned possibly recruiting Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell to support a motion to remove McCarthy.

In his remarks on the House floor, Gaetz served notice to McCarthy, stating that he was “out of compliance with the agreement that allowed him to assume this role.” Gaetz called for immediate compliance or removal through a motion to vacate the chair.