“This is an FDA-approved drug. I support the usage of FDA-approved drugs, even if we might disagree, it’s not up to us to decide as legislators.”

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Speaking with CNN on  Monday morning, Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace said that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should ignore a Texas federal judge’s ruling blocking the agency’s approval of mifepristone, an abortion-inducing drug used early in pregnancy.

“Do you think that a judge in Texas should be able to say that an FDA’s determination about a drug is invalid?” asked CNN This Morning host Kaitlan Collins.

“I don’t, and, in fact, when you look at the core case and the ruling here, the judge used an act or a law from the 1800s that was overturned by the Supreme Court, or at least the Supreme Court decided in 1983, over 100 years later roughly, that that law was unconstitutional,” replied Mace. “And that was the basis for his argument last week.”

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“And look, this is an FDA-approved drug whether you agree with its usage or not, that’s not your decision. That is the FDA’s decision on the efficacy, safety, and usage of that particular drug,” she added.

When asked by Collins on whether she agrees with Democrat colleagues like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that the Biden administration and FDA should ignore the judge’s ruling, Mace said she agreed with this.

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