Former personal attorney to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, is apparently set to give damaging testimony against his former boss.

New York Post has the scoop:

Michael Cohen, President Trump’s longtime former personal lawyer and fixer, will tell congressional panels in testimony this week on Capitol Hill that the president engaged in criminal conduct and will detail his ex-boss’ “lies, racism and cheating,” according to two reports Tuesday.

Cohen, who once said he would “take a bullet for Trump,” will appear before three committees over the next three days — two of them in closed session and one publicly.

At the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, Cohen is expected to focus on his “behind the scenes” accounts of working for 10 years for Trump and make public some of Trump’s financial statements that claim he manipulated his net worth to avoid paying personal property taxes, according to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post.

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Enter Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL), who just dropped a bomb on Cohen…

Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…

YOWZA! That’s pretty hardcore.

Was it unethical?

A bunch of conservatives are not exactly thrilled with Gaetz’s tweet.

Back in December 2018, Trump went hard after Cohen – calling for prison time.

“Michael Cohen asks judge for no Prison Time.” You mean he can do all of the TERRIBLE, unrelated to Trump, things having to do with fraud, big loans, Taxis, etc., and not serve a long prison term? He makes up stories to get a GREAT & ALREADY reduced deal for himself, and get…..


People keep saying, ‘What are the legal implications for Trump?’ There are none. Zero. There’s no legal implication; there’s no legal jeopardy, period. Moreover, in all this so-called reporting and analysis by these phony experts, where did President Trump collude, coordinate, or conspire with the Russians during the election, to fix the result of the election? Where is this evidence? And since there’s not a scintilla of evidence, this should underscore the point that this entire investigation is bogus.

Shouldn’t [the media] be cheering over the fact that so far, all the leaks show that Trump did nothing? Shouldn’t they be celebrating that, that in our republic, the president that we chose is guilty of nothing? That he didn’t collaborate, he didn’t coordinate, he didn’t conspire with the Russians? But they’re not. They keep bringing in these phony experts, who are utterly predictable. ‘You know, uh, if I were Don Jr., I’d be worried about now’ — the country should be worried about now, about what’s taking place. The country should be worried.”


How many more damn times do I have to explain that it is the position of the United States Department of Justice that you cannot indict a sitting president? He’s not in any kind of legal jeopardy.