Posted BY: Trent Baker

Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) on Saturday reacted to Attorney General Merrick Garland refusing to answer how many federal agents were present at the Capitol on January 6 for the riot.

Donalds called into question what happened to the members of the National Guard that former President Donald Trump had authorized on January 4. He also highlighted how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had been blocking Republican questioning into the matter.

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“It’s a very important question to answer. Obviously, Merrick Garland doesn’t want to answer that question,” Donalds advised. “And in the House, Nancy Pelosi has blocked the questions that make sense like where did you have embedded FBI assets? Like, what happened to the intel report the FBI sent to the Capitol police — I believe it was three or four days before January 6. And the biggest question of all — what happened to the National Guard troops that Donald Trump authorized on January 4? How come they were not at the Capitol or even close by on January 6?”

“[T]here are so many questions coming out of January 6,” he added. “Listen, I’m on the Oversight Committee. We had two hearings on this back in May and June of last year. At the end of the second hearing, when Republicans started really digging into a lot of these key questions that you’re bringing up and so many others, that’s when Nancy Pelosi shut it down.”