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The Protecting Americans Action Fund, led by the attorneys general of Virginia and Georgia, will release two videos Wednesday laying out their objective of electing prosecutors who will enforce the laws and stop George Soros-backed prosecutors from continuing to win elections.

The Daily Caller first obtained the videos from Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares and Georgia Attorney General Christopher Carr, who both say crime is not only spiking in big cities but also in small towns and suburbs. In the videos, the attorneys general heavily criticize the “defund the police” movement, as well as cashless bail and “weak” prosecutors who they say are letting criminals get off easy.

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“There is a crime wave in America. It started in the pandemic, but it won’t stop. The reason: weak prosecutors who put a revolving door on justice. Criminals get caught, they go to court and then a weak prosecutor lets them go,” Miyares says in his video. “It’s not incompetence. It’s intentional. Far-left radicals have quietly elected extreme prosecutors in big cities and small towns across America. It’s a movement funded by a network of leftwing millionaires and billionaires like George Soros.”

Several major cities across the U.S. have seen a large spike in crime after electing left-wing prosecutors with support from organizations that have received funding from megadonor George Soros.

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