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(Natural News) As cheap Russian energy runs dry due to Western sanctions, the people of Poland, the latest country to make energy crisis headlines, are now resorting to burning trash for heat.

Circulating images (see Great Game India) show large plumes of black and brown smoke bellowing from homes and filling the sky with stinky smoke as Poles struggle to stay warm with winter approaching.

Under normal circumstances, Poland would not allow the burning of trash like this because of all the pollution generated. The country’s leaders have created special exemptions, in this case, because this is their idea of sticking it to Vladimir Putin.

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Instead of allowing Putin to clean up Ukraine with his “special operation,” Poland and its NATO bed-buddies are destroying themselves by refusing to buy Russian energy. In the end, it will be Poland that collapses, not Russia. (Related: Germany is now burning Chinese Virus face masks for warmth.)

“To ease the biggest energy crisis in a generation, Poland has temporarily waived air quality regulations so that residents can burn coal for home heating till next April,” Great Game India reports.

“Polish houses are burning more coal and wood to counter the rising prices of electricity and natural gas, but some people are also burning trash to remain warm.”

Early autumn temperatures in Europe are still fairly mild – what happens when winter arrives?

Polish citizen Paulina Mroczkowska told Bloomberg that the lack of Russian gas caused by Western sanctions against Russia have made it next to impossible to live apart from such drastic measures as the burning of trash.

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