Posted BY: Joseph Archer

In our lifetimes we have seen productivity improvements that are nearly unimaginable in many public sectors except one, and that would be government. In fact, a case could be made that whatever advances have been made in the economy, they have been negated if not worse by the government. It’s not just that government steals the fruits of the working class’ labor, it is now headlong stealing whatever freedoms we have left. When you have to take a self-threatening but claimed to be a self-protecting ‘vaccine’ under the argument that you must do it to protect others, you are pretty much at the end of your freedom road.

For some reason, we tell ourselves that our 250-year-old form of government is the best there is and the best we can do. But that is just old people talking. There is probably a good reason God designed our world where old people are constantly replaced by new people. I suspect that it, in its infinite wisdom knew that if that wasn’t the case, nothing would ever change or improve. Accordingly, I direct this article to anyone still able to dream and is willing to consider how it might in fact be possible to upgrade our current form of government to a 2.0 version.

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With the advent of blockchain-protected smartphones, we can now protect the security of elections and run a true democracy at essentially little to no cost. In a true democracy, everyone would have an actual say in the administration of government. There would be no ‘representative’ for corporations to bribe. Every issue would be debated in public instead of in backrooms. Every action would be transparent and every action would be in the interest of the citizens instead of special interests. And maybe best of all it would eliminate the most heinous form of human torture, elections.

Naysayers argue that you can let the peasants run their own civilization because they would vote for no taxes and ridiculous welfare and not put the necessary resources into warfare. But these claims are not based on facts or truth. From my observations of public polling, I find that the majority opinion, while often if not always in opposition to our representative government, is also more often than not, much saner. Only recently has the public become nearly as insane as its leaders but only after three generations of public school brainwashing.

Our representatives are not smarter than the population from which they have been selected. The real problem is that all the people we ‘vote’ for are not selected by us, but chosen for election by monied interests. You don’t even get on the ballot unless put there by the monied class. So from the git-go, our representative government represents the monied class. Because of that, they will always represent the monied class, and even more, they will always represent the most monied of the monied class. This means that our best government in the world and our best-we-can-do government is nothing more than the crassest medieval plutocracy you could ever create even if that was your intention. And anyone who says that that is better than a true democracy is just a Hitler wanna-be.

After 5000 years of a top-down civilization, humanity has finally reached a point where it is not only possible but necessary, to replace this demonically unfair and now criminalized system with an equitable and just true democracy. However, because democracy is at its best still just a tyranny of the majority, it must be implemented in a compartmentalized manner where ideologically united populations are able to govern themselves apart from opposing ideologically united groups. This way, no group’s wishes are smothered by the opinions of the majority. The fact is that trying to put everyone under one tent is just a recipe for resentment and eventual war.

It would be nice if the older generations could somehow find the wisdom to overcome their lost imaginations and make the necessary upgrade to government. What is the point of living a long life if you don’t learn anything and make the world better? But to achieve this, they will need to engage the younger generations who, while lacking wisdom and experience, have the imagination to see the importance and advantages of eliminating our top-down civilization. As our current system consists of the most ruthless and selfish people of the human population, it will take not only a united but determined effort on the part of the young and old to replace our top-down form of governance.