Posted BY: Allan J. Feifer

The government’s ineptitude, apathy, and policies driven by internal politics (as usual), have a real cost in terms of people dying, suffering injury or preventable sickness, and losing their businesses and homes.  Federal agencies don’t approve new drugs fast enough, never seem to fix public hazards before it’s too late, and are too often indifferent to the needs of the people they ostensibly serve.  A president’s policies are either hyped or torpedoed depending on whether they have a D or an R after their name.  Citizens throw up their hands, believing a representative government is a thing of the past.

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Too many things are simultaneously going wrong, and it largely comes down to a lack of accountability across the board, and the implicit political bias seems posed to persist.  President Trump constantly fought a bureaucracy that measured its successes not on accomplishments or service to the people, but on managers bumping up the General Schedule ladder, and power-building their departments.

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