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SINGAPORE — A Chinese carrier strike group has been staging drills simulating attacks on Japan’s Nansei Islands since December 16, Yomiuri Shimbun quoted Chinese government sources as saying.

The sources said that Chinese President Xi Jinping gave orders to the military to begin the drills on the day the Japanese government issued three major defense-linked documents. Additionally, strategic bombers will simulate a pincers attack targeting Taiwan from the east and west during the exercises.

Based on the sources, a unit in the western Pacific south of Okinawa Prefecture directed by the Chinese navy’s aircraft carrier Liaoning is involved in the drills, which also entailed advanced vessels capable of ground attacks.

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China will supposedly stage long-range strike drills from waters in the western Pacific, simulating missile launches on islands in the Nansei chain, on which Japan is mulling over dispatching missiles. Ship-borne aircraft have begun night landing and takeoff exercises, and around 130 takeoffs and landings have supposedly occurred.

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