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Democratic New York Governor Kathy Hochul has criticized Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his approach to managing the influx of migrants from border states. The dispute revolves around Adams’ request to distribute the responsibility of housing migrants among other cities in the state, which Hochul opposes. Hochul’s attorney sent a letter accusing Adams of mishandling the crisis and failing to address it adequately.

Governor Hochul emphasized that forcibly relocating people from the city to distant areas within the state is not a compassionate solution. She expressed concerns about placing individuals in remote hotels and expecting them to survive on their own. Mayor Adams has faced opposition from his constituents due to issues related to crime at migrant housing centers in the city. In response, he has called for a national emergency declaration at the border to share the burden of housing migrants with other states.

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Hochul’s attorney’s letter criticized Adams for delayed action and for not utilizing funds already allocated for relocating migrants. The letter also highlighted instances where migrants were left to sleep on the streets despite available beds. Hochul confirmed that some offered assistance was declined by Adams. Adams estimated that the cost of hosting migrants in New York City could reach $12 billion over the next three years without state and federal intervention.

Erie County officials’ refusal to accept more migrants following alleged incidents of sexual assault by asylum seekers added to the complexity of the situation. To address security concerns, Hochul deployed the National Guard to Erie County to prevent further incidents of sexual assault around migrant housing centers. Both Hochul and Adams share the goal of allowing migrants to seek legal employment. However, federal constraints limit their ability to provide such opportunities. As the debate continues, the tensions between Hochul and Adams underscore the challenges in managing the migrant crisis effectively and compassionately within the state of New York.