Posted BY: Jack Cashill

Two weeks ago, I participated in a debate on reparations hosted by the American Public Square and later televised by KCPT, the PBS station in Kansas City.  If I didn’t know beforehand that the game was rigged, I did by the time the edited debate hit the airwaves.  Grab your wallets, folks.  The reparations crowd is coming for your money.

The concept behind American Public Square is a reasonable one.  Troubled by the increasing polarization of the electorate, former ambassador to Portugal Allan Katz founded the organization to bridge the partisan divide through civil discourse.

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The programming skews left, as does the audience, but the forum provides contrarians like me an opportunity to burst the occasional bubble. Some years back, for intense, I participated in a discussion on Muslims in which the on-site “fact-checker” came to my aid more than once, as did the ringer of the “civility bell.” I cannot say I converted anyone to my viewpoint, but in my strategically congenial way — “Honey, he’s not the monster I thought he was” — I may have forced a few people to question their assumptions.

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