Greece Issuing Travel Documents to Thousands of Migrants ...

Source: nworeport

Thousands of migrants are arriving at German airports carrying travel documents issued by the Greek government, according to reports.

Officials with the Alternative für Deutschland party (AfD) say around 1,000 migrants are landing in Germany every month after first passing through Greece, while German citizens find it increasingly prohibitive to travel internationally.

Many of the migrants settle in Germany, despite having already been granted refugee status in Greece.

“Germany must put an end to this asylum tourism from Greece immediately and prevent entry,” MP Leif-Erik Holm told Junge Freiheit.  

“It cannot be that the Greek authorities issue asylum seekers travel documents so that they can board the next plane to Germany to choose their desired host country.”

Federal officials reportedly told Holm they have no idea how many migrants are currently in Germany, nor how many were previously granted asylum in another country.

“The fact that Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has been watching this going on for months must now be called intentional,” Holm asserted.

“That alone is a first-class scandal.”

Over 2,100 foreigners with refugees status in another country filed asylum paperwork with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in the first two months of 2021 alone, according to figures obtained by German media.

In addition to migrants making their way voluntarily to Germany, many more are being imported from Greece, particularly from the Aegean island of Lesvos, where illegal aliens intentionally burned down one of the largest and most notorious asylum camps in all of Europe.

Thousands of migrants have since been brought to Germany from Lesvos, including nearly 2,400 so far this year.