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Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for Manhattan, New York, District Attorney Alvin Bragg to be arrested.

“He (Bragg) should be arrested. Do you want to know why? We have to stop allowing Democrats to abuse us. It’s like we are a beaten spouse. We need to stand up to the abuse because they are the ones committing crimes,” Greene said at a rally for President Donald Trump, adding that Trump is “the most innocent man in the history of our country.”

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Bragg responded on Thursday to a potential indictment and arrest of former President Donald Trump. Bragg issued a vague statement that did not actually provide any information about what might happen next.

Bragg sent a letter to members of the House Judiciary Committee after they sent their own letter “demanding communications, documents, and testimony relating to Bragg’s unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority and the potential indictment of former President Donald Trump.”

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