Source: Jacob Palmieri

Big Tech and their fact-checkers are some of the least reputable things in the world.

They censored the Wuhan lab being the source of COVID.

That has been proven true.

They censored the Hunter Biden laptop story.

That has been proven true.

Yet, they do nothing to debunk the various hoaxes pushed by the Mainstream Media.

Earlier today, The Palmieri Report received a notification saying that a post had been removed because “independent fact-checkers reviewed the information and said it was partly false”

They attached a link to fact-check on it.

Here is the article they are referring to:

To no one’s surprise, the fact-check debunked nothing we said in the article.

In fact, it confirmed what we said.

Let’s go through this point by point.

The first point goes after a Gateway Pundit article.

They say that the claim it occurred “ONLY in Fully Vaccinated” is not true.

From Health

On 22 November 2021, the Network for Genomics Surveillance in South Africa identified a new SARS-CoV-2 variant called B.1.1.529. This variant presented an unusually high number of mutations, including 32 mutations in the spike protein. Some of these mutations are new, while others were already present in previous variants of concern, suggesting that this variant might be potentially more transmissible or resistant to COVID-19 vaccines. For this reason, on 26 November 2021, the World Health Organization classified it as a variant of concern with the name Omicron.
Following the WHO’s statement, false claims linking the Omicron variant to conspiracy theories started to circulate on websites and social media. Other posts suggested that Omicron spread particularly among fully vaccinated individuals and in highly vaccinated countries (see examples here and here). Some were even more explicit, like this article published in Gateway Pundit with the subheading “Omicron COVID Variant Found ONLY in Fully Vaccinated”.

It is false that all the reported Omicron infections occurred among fully vaccinated individuals, as the article in Gateway Pundit claimed. The article based this claim on the fact that the variant was first detected in four samples collected from fully vaccinated individuals on 11 November 2021 in Botswana. As of 1 December 2021, the viral genomic platform GISAID recorded more than 300 Omicron infections in 21 different countries, including the U.S. and several European countries. Although information about the vaccination status of the individuals isn’t publicly available in most cases, there are records of at least one Omicron infection in an unvaccinated traveler in Belgium.

Whether or not that is the case I can not confirm.

But what I can confirm is that The Palmieri Report article never makes that claim.

We simply cite that the first four detected cases were in vaccinated individuals.

Shouldn’t vaccinated people know that the new variant can spread to them?

Now, comes the best part.

Not only does the fact-check debunk NOTHING we put in the article.

It actually confirms what we put in the article.

However, the fact that the Omicron variant was first identified in fully vaccinated travelers in Botswana doesn’t necessarily mean that it emerged in or was spread by vaccinated individuals.

Unlike the mainstream media and big tech, The Palmieri Report is not Pro or anti-vax.

The Palmieri Report is Pro-Facts.

We do not believe that we should be telling people whether to get the vaccine or not.

The American people are smart enough to decide if the vaccine is the right health choice for them and their children.

That is why we cover the facts and not simply something that fits a narrative.

These people are truly a disgrace and we expect our post to be reinstated.

Thank you!