Posted BY: D. Parker

“There is something wrong with a regime that requires a pyramid of corpses every few years.” George Orwell

We have the receipts: New York Times headlines from the 1930s prove the left has always made promises of progress, but only delivered death.

Do you ever feel like you’re seeing history repeat itself and yet you cannot wake people up to the danger? This can be maddening at times, especially when you look back at records from the period before WWII, and you see the same themes, propaganda, and lies. Meanwhile, the fascist far-left — the party of projection — keeps up with their constant barrage of BS.

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They must do this because deception is the only way they can attain power. Dividing people by sowing chaos and confusion until they can consolidate enough control. Getting to a point where they can control free speech and punish those who dare speak outHorrifying, and we’re almost to that point now.

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