Posted BY: D. Parker

The much-vaunted capitulation over our sensible civil rights is falling apart with some Republicans finally discovering they had backbones.

Senator John Cornyn, the lead Republican of the surrender caucus walked out of the talks on Thursday evening after hours of negotiations.  He was quoted in a Reuters story: Lead Democrat hopeful on U.S. gun legislation despite Republican walk-out.

“I don’t know what they have in mind, but I’m through talking,”

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John Cornyn

Red flags over Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs) and the ‘boyfriend loophole’ continue to be the primary sticking point in the surrender negotiations.  Many wake up to the extreme danger and unconstitutionality of GCOs, aka ERPOs (‘extreme risk protection orders), or other deliberately deceptive labels.

The senators had missed the deadline of Thursday that would have made it possible to get the measure passed before the July 4 recess.  Anti-liberty leftists fear that they will lose too much in the way of emotional interest in the issue if they delay past that point.  For all the talk of a groundswell of demands for authoritarian controls, studies have shown that surges in support for more restrictions are fleeting at best. 

Trending: The Communist Plot behind School Shootings

Curiously enough, the description line for the Washington Post story from the evening of June 16, 2022, was ‘Gun deal in jeopardy after senators fail to agree on text’.  While the head of the surrender caucus was lamenting a lack of progress.  Senator “Traitor Thom” Tillis had a more positive outlook on the possibility of giving up more of the people’s rights for absolutely nothing in return:

Sen. Thom Tillis (N.C.), struck a more upbeat note and said a bill could be written as soon as Friday.

In another report from earlier in the afternoon on Thursday, the sell-out ‘Republican’ Senators had already begun drafting the capitulation documentation.