Posted BY: T.R. Clancy

The horrific shooting at Michigan State University last Monday, which left three students dead and five seriously wounded, was met with understandable grief and anger across the political divide.  The suspected shooter, Anthony McRae, killed himself before police could arrest him, and his uncle described him as “’struggl[ing] with paranoid schizophrenia.’”  Predictably, the Left channeled its grief into one of those familiar mass rallies on the MSU campus, a setting for soppy Democrat speeches blaming the murders on the nation’s failure to pass more gun control.  An allegedly “furious” Michigan House Majority Leader Ranjeev Puri (D), tweeted a statement, on official letterhead, with the bold opening sentence, “F— your thoughts and prayers,” demanding instead the “action and change” of passing “common sense gun reform immediately.” 

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There was also grief and empathy for the victims and their families among conservatives, and understandable resentment of Democrats once more blaming legal gun ownership for the latest notorious gun crime.  Once details emerged that McRae had a prior firearm felony dismissed and pleaded to a misdemeanor, conservatives turned their outrage on the woke prosecutor; if she hadn’t refused to apply the “common sense” law on the books, McRae could have been imprisoned and disqualified him from possessing a firearm.  A typical comment is, “If McRae had been charged as any other person caught illegally carrying a concealed firearm without a permit, the shooting at MSU might not have happened.” 

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