Governor Andrew Cuomo flew to Washington DC to speak with President Trump about the state’s bloated budget deficit. Cuomo was hoping the president would offer a handout to New York state to offset the $2.3 billion budget deficit this year.

Instead, President Trump lectured him on opening up the state to fracking and allowing fossil fuel pipelines to run through the state.

That makes too much sense.
Cuomo would rather take a handout.

Politico Pro reported:

“President Donald Trump floated the idea of opening up New York to fracking and expressed dismay at New York’s enactment of a less-restrictive abortion law during a meeting with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, according to a White House spokesman. Cuomo traveled to Washington to talk to his fellow New Yorker about the impact of the federal government’s $10,000 cap on the deductibility of state and local taxes. The governor is blaming the cap, which was included in federal tax reform passed in late 2017, for a drop in revenue that has created a $2.3 billion gap in his proposed budget… Trump suggested that the state could offset the effects of the SALT cap by allowing fracking, which Cuomo banned in 2014, and by approving fossil fuel pipelines to run through the state,’The President discussed economic growth opportunities for the State of New York, including helping lower energy prices throughout the entire Northeast by allowing low-cost, American energy to thrive with fracking and pipeline systems,’ Deer said.”

The Trump White House released a statement following the meeting with New York Governor Cuomo.

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